WSOD (ticket #1841) (unofficial) survey question

Petr Vanek vanous at
Fri Nov 14 19:06:32 CET 2008

>| ...
>|>> Mayby the Glamo will work only partly caused by a bad reset?
>| I've experienced the WSOD about three times in the last six months on
>| a Neo 1973. It only appears if I use an X server (I've never seen in
>on | Qtopia). Since the 1973 doesn't have Glamo, the source of the
>problem probably
>| lies elsewhere.
>There has been more than one problem flying around... WSOD is typically
>caused by unconfigured or misconfigured jbt6k74 ASIC inside the LCM,
>which takes an SPI connection on both GTA01 and GTA02.
>On the stable-tracking branch now you should be able to recover from a
>WSOD by this:
>~  echo 1 > /sys/bus/spi/drivers/jbt6k74/spi2.0/reset
>If you're interested to try it on GTA02 anyway you can get an image
>You'll probably need Qi to start it unless you want to meddle with
>U-Boot env (DFU this into U-Boot partition, you can use NOR U-Boot to
>replace or update it)

Andy, thank you, downloading now, will report back later :)


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