Raster's Alarm

Joel Newkirk freerunner at newkirk.us
Fri Nov 14 23:34:45 CET 2008

I've put together an opkg of Raster's alarm app from his testing images. 
(also appears in latest SHR testing)  The GUI and the wakerd service that
actually handles the alarm.

But there's a problem, and I'm hoping someone can see what I missed. 

Everything works find, EXCEPT the slider-button thingies to turn alarm
on/off and repeat on/off.  If they're set to on in the config file, then
you can drag them to 'off', but you can never move them afterwards without
manually editing the config file again.  Basically, if they're 'off'
they're immovable.

http://newkirk.us/om/alarm_1_armv4t.ipk <- NOT fully working, default state
is 'alarm off' and GUI won't enable


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