FSO M4 - nice GSM sound

Joel Newkirk freerunner at newkirk.us
Fri Nov 14 23:56:59 CET 2008

On Fri, 14 Nov 2008 22:24:15 +0100, Michel <michel at xternal.nl> wrote:
> Peter Mogensen wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hi,
>> I just wanted to congratulate the FSO team for their new images.
> Looking at FSO for the first time and was very nicely surprised by the
> interface. If this path is continued all will be well :)
>> For the first time I have perfect sound over GSM. No echo, no buzz.
> Hmmm, congrats to you but that is still not the case for me and the only
> reason I can not use the Freerunner as my daily phone. After reading
> your message I couldn't wait to get FSO on my phone and interface wise
> I'm glad I did but concerning sound quality it is still a no go for me.

I too have noticed high-pitched buzz intermittently with weak GSM signal,
and callers have complained loudly and repeatedly about echo.  I tried FSO
M4 for a few days and was quite happy with it overall (apart from echo),
until for some reason (something I broke editing my way through /etc
probably) it stopped registering GSM, always timed out trying to enable GSM
via dbus.  So I flashed the newest SHR in its place - which incorporates
FSO M4 and suffers the buzz and echo as well.  (NOT disparagement of FSO
M4, just my itch to play with the newest SHR ;)


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