[Om2008.9] How to power off Wifi?

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at 3v1n0.net
Sat Nov 15 04:13:40 CET 2008

FilipBE wrote:
> I was able to disable/re-enable wifi with following lines, I did however not
> have the time to check the impact on battery life....
> # using Atheros wmiconfig command to disable wlan 
> ./wmiconfig -i eth0 --wlan disable
> # To re-enable wlan:
> ./wmiconfig -i eth0 --wlan enable
> # set re-association mode 0 :  do send disassoc when reassociation
> ./wmiconfig -i eth0 --setreassocmode 0
> # now try to reconnect wlan using gui
> iwlist eth0 scan 

Thanks they works well for disabling the interface!
Have you now done some tests about the impact on the battery life?
Would you suggest to run the "--wlan disable" command on boot too?

Btw I was able to re-associate to my AP only once... :(


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