Logging of the FR, for now

Nishit Dave stargazer.dave at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 15:14:00 CET 2008

Hi folks,

The past few months have been an interesting ride, quite like a roller
coaster, ever since I got my Freerunner.  There were the thrills of the new
phone and new software versions, getting things working and trying out new
packages.  There were the obvious, much documented disappointments.

I would love to continue to be a FR owner, but I need a working business
phone and can't afford a new one.  The fine folks at IDA Systems had offered
me a special return and refund opportunity, and some fine folk here in the
community advised me to take it so I could [quote] fucking stop whining!

Well, I have finally done so, and would be leaving this list now.  I will
miss my FR dearly, because no other phone currently made lets me do so much
with it.  My only trouble was that that so much resulted into so little

This is not a defeat of philosophy to practicality, just a temporary truce.
I will be back in time for the GTA03 or GTA04 if and when they mature to be
daily phones.

Meanwhile, I encourage all of you to carry on valiantly.  Going by what I
read, the GTA02 should become usable shortly, and it would be terrific
hardware to own with all the nifty and innovative packages you have written
around it.  I wish I could have waited till then, but I have a job to do.
Hopefully I will have deeper pockets to buy a second phone next year.

All the best, and sayonara, arrivederci, hasta la vista.
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