Calling interested Glamo OpenGL developers (was: The forbidden topic: Glamo OpenGL)

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Mon Nov 17 01:42:22 CET 2008

Lally Singh wrote:
> Just fair warning here.  As I don't think OM will use the Glamo in
> future devices, doing the "right thing" isn't as critical as normal
> software projects...
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> H. Lally Singh
> Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science
> Virginia Tech

Doing the right this IS critical to support the freerunner, going forward.
I, personally, get rather worried by all this talk of supporting future
revisions and not putting in too much freerunner-specific energy because "it
won't be loing until GTA03 is here"

If OM drop efforts to make 02 better, then they'll probably have a lot of
folks that just won't buy the 03 because they're angry.
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