[FDOM] ePDFViewer

Chaosspawn23 Chaosspawn23 at gmx.net
Mon Nov 17 07:27:41 CET 2008

Hi there!

> Crossposted to Fdom-developement
> Giovanni wrote:
>> Today I installed FDOM 20081023.
>> When I open ePDFViewer, it asks for a password, saying that the 
>> documented is encrypted.
>> I cannot open any of my documents, because of this problem.
> this is a bug I have been meaning to report for a while now.
>> How to fix this?
> The issue arises because I think the launching dialog launches it with 
> an %s argument or something which specifies the path of the file that 
> should be loaded. because it apparently can't deal with no being able to 
>   find the file gracefully, it aassumes something is encrypted and asks 
> for a password.
> Launching from the terminal epdfviewer works fine...
> fixing this *should* (in theory) be trivial, however I don't know, 
> without looking exactly how to do this...

Editing /usr/share/FDSubmenu/viewers/epdfview.desktop and changing

epdfview %f



should do the trick. :)
On a completely unrelated note - someone should change the way FDSubmenu calls
applications, as the current implementation freezes fdsubmenu until the started
process terminates - I think using subprocess.Popen should work, but I haven't
really looked that closely at the source, yet.


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