debian on neo1973: ogpsd failing?

Daniel Willmann daniel at
Mon Nov 17 10:54:37 CET 2008

On Mon, 17 Nov 2008 01:34:21 -0700
"Brad Midgley" <bmidgley at> wrote:

> ok, found it
> copied /usr/share/doc/fso-frameworkd/examples/frameworkd.conf to /etc
> and then modified the ogpsd section:
> [ogpsd]
> device = NMEADevice
> channel = FileChannel
> path = /tmp/nmeaNP
> log_level = INFO

This will not survive suspend, though. Better to install gllin version
1.1 (if you have /tmp/nmeaNP you are still using version 1.0),
available at
(click-through license).

Then change frameworkd.conf to read:

device = NMEADevice
channel = GllinChannel
path = /etc/init.d/gllin

This has another benefit as the GPS wont be on all the time, but only
when you need it as GllinChannel will take care of starting/stopping
the init script.

Daniel Willmann
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