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Mon Nov 17 12:11:24 CET 2008

About the buzzin issue, I would like to be sure : is it or is it not
hardware related ? I heard about a "soldering" fix of one electronic
component which could get rid of the interferences...
Has anyone more information ?


2008/11/17 Timo Jyrinki <timo.jyrinki at>

> 2008/11/14 Gothnet <openmoko at>:
> > It really needs work on the basics. I mean, responsiveness is not there,
> > interface is dodgy (the "end call" button being in the same spot as the
> > "accept call" button, and being unresponsive, made me hang up soooo many
> > calls). Echo on calls, battery life...
> These are all small issues as such, as they are all on the software
> side and many have been either fixed or are different on different
> distributions (you don't need to use Openmoko's distribution - you can
> use Debian, Qt Extended, SHR, ...).
> You will find echo fixed in Openmoko's 2008.11 release, if you keep
> using the Openmoko distro, and responsiveness and touch screen
> usability will also improve with 2008.11 release. End call / accept
> call stuff are just UI things, easy to fix, but maybe you should file
> a bug report about it since otherwise no-one might notice.
> The buzzing issue is the only "real", serious issue.
> > Also, I know everyone loves X, but is it really the best choice for a low
> > powered device that needs a responsive UI?
> Yes :) Any unresponsiveness in the UI is not because of the X.
> > I think maybe I had the wrong impression about the state of the software
> when
> > I bought it.
> Probably. It's not a phone product yet, it's a phone in development.
> From your point of view I can understand the frustration with the
> other issues, but for me they are just a few things to work on / test
> fixes. The buzzing / hw issue is really the only thing I'm worried
> about, since it needs to be fixed and there is no known software fix
> for it yet.
> -Timo
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