Buzzing (was :The forbidden topic: Glamo OpenGL)

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Mon Nov 17 17:17:29 CET 2008

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 7:46 AM, kimaidou <kimaidou at> wrote:

> Ok thanks, I have just read the hundreds if topics on it... the problem is
> I am no electronicien so I did not understand if a "workaround" has been
> found : I read about soldering, sticky tape..... If there is a workaround,
> is there a webpage with clear instructions ? (by clear I mean for
> non-elecronician guy). Is it doable by a anybody or do we need special
> devices/skills

It does require special skills and tools. If the posts in the hardware list
were not enough for you to see the fix then you shouldn't attempt it.

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