Calling interested Glamo OpenGL developers (was: The forbidden topic: Glamo OpenGL)

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Mon Nov 17 17:48:53 CET 2008

I have implemented an image display script on the FR that demonstrates
smooth scroll in the form of dragging the image about the screen. Works
for fairly large images (colour weather maps of North America). The
application uses the FLTK tool kit with double buffering through X.

Nicola Mfb wrote:
> 2008/11/17 The Rasterman Carsten Haitzler <raster at
> <mailto:raster at>>
>     [...]
>     this is the thing.. the drvier is ALREADY doing this. i repeat this
>     ad-nauseum. the acceleration is the same u get in the "nv" driver
>     or you saw a
>     few years back in the i8xx drivers etc. you get blit and fill
>     accelerated (the
>     most common x ops). xvideo is accelerated. the only thing not is
>     anti-aliases
>     font drawing and as such the glamo doesnt support this fully - u
>     need to do
>     some hacks to pretend it will (like expand fonts to ARGB32 in
>     software) and
>     from the look of it the expansion and then upload of pixels will
>     likely net you
>     zero speedup as this extra cost will negate the speedups you get.
>     imho glamo is
>     right now about as fast as u'll ever likely see it (imho). you can
>     go sink a
>     mountain of work and as per the example above.. see no return. the
>     ONLY thing
>     that i can see it might be worth it is opengl - and even then its
>     a very weak
>     opengl accelerator with lots of gotchas.
>     all of the above of course is "in my opinion". it's based from
>     years of doing
>     graphics - software and hardware and with x, and having read all
>     of the glamo
>     docs.
> Hi Raster! before reading this post I supposed that 2d acceleration
> was very partially implemented. This cames out for example because I
> never see a smooth scroll on the device. So what is the reason for
> this? glamo? 2d acceleration driver? poor graphics toolkit?
> Regards
>     Nicola
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