Toolchain opkg postinst Error

Michael Tansella michael-tansella at
Mon Nov 17 17:56:35 CET 2008

my qt4 Libs are not installed correctly in toolchain since the update of the 
angström Repository, when I try to reinstall  them I get the following error

root at devel:/usr/local/openmoko/arm/bin# opkg-target -force-reinstall install 
Reinstalling libqtcore4 (4.4.3-r1.1) on root...
Downloading http://www.angstrom-
Configuring libqtcore4
(offline root mode: not running libqtcore4.postinst)
root at devel:/usr/local/openmoko/arm/bin#

Any idea what this error message means?

Greets Michael
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