Calling interested Glamo OpenGL developers (was: The forbidden topic: Glamo OpenGL)

Graeme Gregory graeme at
Mon Nov 17 18:06:01 CET 2008

On Mon, 2008-11-17 at 11:58 -0500, Aliner wrote:
> If we work on having server working on the FR, wouldn't that
> help for whatever comes next?. At least we would have some working
> knowledge on how to develop drivers for X, and a team of programmers
> with ample knowledge on all things regarding the Server.
> I mean, the thing is modularized. Is it not simpler to just replace
> the glamo driver with the [whatever\] driver?

Basically yes, the advantages of Xorg are active development and
familiarity with developers as comapred to kdrive based stuff.

At the moment Xorg with tslib/fbdev drivers works well on GTA02
my task now is to make a glamo driver for Xorg based on the Xglamo


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