Volume, a kingdom for a volume lever...

Theo dec0de at place4sure.com
Tue Nov 18 10:03:34 CET 2008

To me a phone is not a phone if you cannot adjust the volume during a call. 

Being able to open a terminal and guessing which lever out of hundreds in the 
alsamixer is the one handling the volume just won't cut it. I bought my 
FreeRunner in the beginning of August, and since then I have never been able 
to use the phone at all as I don't want to share my phone calls with the rest 
of the world. The high volume also creates an irritating echo to the other 

I am amazed how much time seems to be spent making GPS, 
Bluetooth and Wireless work on the phone whilst such a basic function as 
adjusting the volume seems to be totally forgotten.

Then again, maybe Its just me who cannot find this feature in any of the 
Distributions available...

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