[Om2008.9] gsmspeakerout.state

Johny Tenfinger seba.dos1 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 19:42:16 CET 2008

> Anybody has a good file to use the speaker as output during a phone
> call? I think the idea is to load this with
> # alsactl -f gsmspeakerout.state restore
> before placing a call, I'm wrong? Or is there some other magic way?

In 2007.2 you have button, which exactly call that command what you
write. I don't know how do it on other distros, but in Qtopia/QT
Extended (so, I think, the same way is in 2008.9) it was in menu
during call. You can load this state file when phone call is active,
not only before it.

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