Freerunner's GSM Calypso Modem Firmware Upgrade...

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at
Tue Nov 18 20:07:15 CET 2008

This is just to notify the community users who don't read the devel
list: Joerg, Dieter and Werner set up some tools to upgrade the firmware
of the GSM Modem of the Frerunner (TI Calypso) to a newer image [1].

If you're affected by the infamous #666 - No SIM found - bug, you could
try to upgrade your phone's firmware using the tools provided by OM guys
to the moko10 (beta2) version [2].

Look at the wiki [3] for more help and keep us (and the Devs) informed!

[2] They're closed, but it's not an OM fault, and I think we should
    thank them for this too.

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