luvcview and uvccapture problem

g9612753 g9612753 at
Wed Nov 19 03:51:09 CET 2008


I'm trying to make the "Logitech quickcam pro for notebooks"(046d:0991) work on the freerunner. After cross-compiling the uvcvideo driver, luvcview and uvccapture, I copied them from my PC into the freerunner. Everything seems OK, but I didn't see any images on the freerunner's screen when executing luvcview. Terminal shows:

    Video driver: x11
    A window manager is available
    video /dev/video0
    Segmentation fault

I got the "Segmentation fault" message on the freerunner's terminal when executing uvccapture, too. Anyone could give me a hand to solve this problem?


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