[2008.x] Settings app not working

Ivar Mossin ivar.mossin at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 15:29:58 CET 2008

Installing a clean testing-image and the settings app worked.

But then again, the clean testing image contains nothing else than the
settings and installer apps. So I had some problems figuring out how to make
a phone out of it. I searched for hours on google, openmoko wiki, openmoko
mailinglists and even on irc without any results. So what I ended up doing
in the end was the following:

I rebooted to the old image which was running without a working settings
app, but at least a working phone, as I didn't overwrite that partition when
trying out the testing image. On the console there I ran something like:
$ opkg list_installed | awk '{ print $1 }' | sort > old_packages

then rebooted back to the testing image and did the following:
$ opkg list_installed | awk '{ print $1 }' | sort > new_packages

and then the quick and dirty:
$ diff old_packages new_packages | grep "^<" | awk '{ print $2 }' | while
read package; do opkg install $package; done

which basically means that for *every* package that was installed
previously, but is no longer installed, install it whatever it is there for.

So... What would have been the preverred way of figuring which packages I
would need to install? Is there a list somewhere on the net/wiki/anywhere
else? Are there some meta-packages I could have installed instead, like
'opkg install phone-software' ?

But at least I now seem to have both a working phone AND a working settings
application... at the SAME time... WOW!! That would actually make it the
first time since I got the phone in mid august. Now, however, I no longer
have a keyboard in the openmoko-terminal2. *phew* I do get the keyboard when
typing messages though.

But my conclusion seems to be that the settings app is working (although not
scrolling) using a clean testing image. However, installing a stable image,
then upgrading to testing by changing the opkg repository links, the
settings application breaks. Even when doing it from a clean stable image.
So I guess there is a bug that has to be addressed there to avoid the
package conflict or whatever it is causing the breakage.
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