[FSO] First steps

julien cubizolles j.cubizolles at free.fr
Wed Nov 19 17:10:00 CET 2008

I just installed FSO and I'm quite happy with it : it seems the most
reponsive distribution I have yet used. I still have some questions :

Addressbook : Is there a way to import a former qtopia sqlite file ? I
read some discussions inconclusive about it, is there some advances ?

Calendar : openmoko-calendar2 isn't available in repositories. What can
I use ? I

GPS : do I need to click the map icon in zhone to powerup the antenna
and use it with tangogps ? What are the three upper buttons supposed to
do in the Zone gps application ? The first one displays
latitude/longitude... (right now it displays N/A but I'm inside...)
The second and third one open some window with obviously resolution and
colors issues.

Power Management settings: The settings from the wrench menu in illume
don't seem to have any effect : the phone dims + blanks + locks after a
minute or so even I set the blank time to off and doesn't suspend even
though the suspend time after blank is 1s.

Suspend : according to the wiki, you need to press the power button for
2 s to suspend the phone. It doesn't work for me, just powers it off
after 7-8 s.

Sound : What's the best way to adjust the sound level ? I guess there's
still no GUI for that. I've tried playing with several .state files
during my first tries with other distributions but things change fast on
this topic : what is the control to adjust ?

Several applications from the Home menu (terminal, Htop for instance)
won't start.

I'm running :

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