Your favorite ringtones? (especially .sid?)

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Wed Nov 19 22:00:13 CET 2008

I'm looking for a new ringtone (I like the arkanoid theme, but I need  
a change).  If you have one you like, could you let me (us) know?

Tobias mentions a place to find .sids in his email below -- I just  
couldn't go through all of them.


Tobias Gruetzmacher wrote:
> Hi,
> Here is a patch for frameworkd that allows to inject gstreamer options
> into file names for the audio playing service. I wrote it because I
> wanted to use the title music from Giana Sisters as a ring tone, which
> is tune number 5 in Great_Giana_Sisters_PSID.sid ;)
> This patch is very generic to allow any option to be injected from the
> file name. It may be desirable to restrict this to specific options, but
> currently this allows everything, so you can easily break playing
> altogether...
> So if you really want to hear "Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit" in
> glorious 3-channel SID, grab yourself a copy of
> place it in /usr/share/sounds and set "Summer_Games.sid;tune=5" as your
> ring tone.
> Or a manic laughter when an SMS arrives? Try
> and set "Ghostbusters_PSID.sid;tune=4" as your message tone.
> Well, you get the idea. :)
> Since I'm not very fluent with Python, please point out anything I might
> have done wrong. Hope you like the patch.
> Greetings, Tobias
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