[Android] Soft keyboard

Tomas Riveros Schober triveros at enable.cl
Wed Nov 19 23:09:52 CET 2008

I'm not familiar with the android environment so here are a couple of 
do I need the android SDK to install this keyboard? if I don't need it then,
how do I ssh into android once it's running? I've tried the usual 
ifconfig usb0 x.x.x.x && ssh root at freerunnerIP but the connection is 
if i dont need to ssh to install it, then how to do it?


Walter Chang escribió:
> i can't wait till q1 of next year for google to come out with a soft 
> keyboard so i made one.  I used the copy-and-paste functionality on 
> Android so the keyboard works with other apps without changing them.  
> to download: http://code.google.com/p/netgents/downloads/list and 
> download qad-keyboard.apk.  for instructions on installation and 
> usage: http://code.google.com/p/netgents/wiki/QadKeyboardHowto .
> enjoy,
> walter chang
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