Announce: omnewrotate 0.5.0

Rui Miguel Silva Seabra rms at
Thu Nov 20 00:21:42 CET 2008


I’ve just release a new version of omnewrotate (OpenPGP signature),
the ‘Lazy Edition’ because it uses so much less CPU than any version I
did before. Oh, I forgot to mention it in the release commit, but at
least with FSO M4 I’m getting a very stable rotation BUT if the screen
looks garbled, please wait a few seconds until the graphic user
interface adjusts to the screen changes. I don’t think I can do much
about that…

>From the ChangeLog:

2008-11-19 - 0.5.0 - Lazy edition
        * uses a second thread for reading the accellerometer packets
        * drops Fabian's changes (not that they weren't good, just not
          needed any more)
        * adds flags (look at display_help() or ./rotate -h)
        * drops packets with 0 value coordinates (I got bogus packets
          like that so I decided to drop them, if you feel you get good
          packets with 0 value, you can use '-0' as an argument to take
          them in account).
        * top -d 1 -p PID shows 0.0% CPU usage (of omnewrotate) even
          during rotation
        * seems to waste a little too much memory (some stuff could be
          done with one number and bitwise operations instead of several
          numbers, I wonder how much that will improve and if it's worth
          the effort...)
        * only output outside of debug mode are real errors

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