[OM2008.9 - FDOM] Re: Will there be a hardware revision for the buzzing issue?

DJDAS djdas at djdas.net
Thu Nov 20 12:45:17 CET 2008

Dear members,
I follow the list since October, although I own my Freerunner since
July. I owned a A5 before I needed its substitution from my seller
because the "handsfree" speaker stopped working so now I own a A6 revision.
I live in Italy and my carrier is Vodafone. I noticed this (appeared in
both hardware revisions): during a call, if the signal strength becomes
lower than midrange (looking at the top icon, can't know exactly the
level) the buzz appears, while in the middle->high levels I have no
buzzing at the other side.
Furthermore, when the signal is around the mid range, if I put my hand
on the bottom side of the phone (I remember the GSM antenna is located
in the "arc" under the hole) the signal increases a bit its level and
the buzz disappears (not always but in a sensible number of situations
it does).
Maybe the buzz is relative (or not only) to the GSM signal strength so
via software is it possible to "amplify" it or issue some commands to
the modem to avoid it?
My 2 cents :)
Thank you for your great work from a proud Freerunner user ;)

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