[Android] Soft keyboard

Yann neveu yann_moko at gabuzomeu.fr
Fri Nov 21 01:05:36 CET 2008

Le jeudi 20 novembre 2008 21:23:33 Yann neveu, vous avez écrit :
> Le jeudi 20 novembre 2008 21:01:48 Petr Vanek, vous avez écrit :
> > This sounds great! You can boot another distro from the uSD card  and
> > then mount the root rw:
> >
> > 	mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock6 /media/cf

ok, i've installed a fresh om-testing on card ( nicer than ever ) and modified 
init.rc to mount rootfs rw. Copied Phone.apk in /system/app/Phone.apk, 
rebooted and... placed a call to myself.

I've successfully answered using power button.

So, seems to work :)

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