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Fri Nov 21 11:31:55 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| so right now other than bugs and trying to minimise cpu overhead on
| the commandqueue 2d is done - it's not getting "faster". only thing
left is 3d.
| and that comes with a long list of gotchas. this is the bit where
someone needs
| to make a call on "what is the effort needed, and the result". this is
up to
| openmoko to decide what to do as the docs are in their hands. 2d is
pretty much
| done. :)

Having heard the down side :-) whatever else one can say about it
compared to other hardware, Glamo 3D unit is interesting for two
reasons: first the render work happens on the other side of the bus,
"past the bottleneck".  A large part of the 8MB on-chip memory is
available to hold assets that can be prepped beforehand, these can be
operated on by the 3D unit with no real CPU bus load.  Even allowing for
the constraints we can expect smooth 3D capability on the LCM from this
far beyond what software render could manage, and with the CPU able to
work in parallel.

The second reason is that if we leverage pure xorg -> Mesa -> OpenGL ES
basis for this implementation, the architecture of autonomous rendering
is very compatible with future products which will also feed themselves
from (shared) memory without heavy CPU involvement.  So we bring GTA02
up into being able to use OpenGL ES-based apps, games and UI we can
expect in future with minimal or no special-casing.

- -Andy

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