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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| 2008/11/21 The Rasterman Carsten Haitzler <raster at
| <mailto:raster at>>
|     XSync sends a request to x and waits for a reply - so your client
|     app will stop
|     and wait until x replies. x will reply once it has completed all
|     existing
|     requests - that means the XCopeArea. while your app is waiting
xglamo is
|     waiting for the gfx chip to do the work - and likely its sitting in
|     a loop
|     polling checking when the command is done.
| Thanks Raster, now things are becoming clear :)
| The glamo chip should raise an interrupt when the command is done, a
| specialized kernel module should export this interrupt to the userspace
| so Xglamo may suspend waiting for this interrupt without wasting cpu
| I suppose that this should be quite easy and cheap for Openmoko
| developers, may it be considered?
| This will really improve the device performance!

Graeme seems to be planning to do his xorg version of Xglamo partially
in kernelspace to unify the locking, that would be when to do this too.

The Glamo's interrupt itself is supported and working, it's the basis
for the same waiting strategy (yielding until completion interrupt) in
the Glamo MMC stuff.

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