Survey about the Touchscreen

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Fri Nov 21 16:05:44 CET 2008

Anton Persson wrote:
> Less capable in which way? We just saw that you CAN use a stylus with
> a capacitive screen, if you really need that. What other arguments are there
> for a resistive screen?

This stylus is not much smaller than a finger tip.

I will not say that capacitive is bad, but it is certainly a much bigger 
  challenge for gui development. I'm not sure we are ready for this...

And I'm not convinced that a iphone like system is the right platform 
for a really versatile smartphone.
I'm convinced that people will start to see the iphone UI as a 
limitation when the novelty factor waers off.
We should take the best from the iphone (good productive finger 
controlled apps) but we should not totally commit to this.
And I'm not sure that multi touch is really so important and the low res 
touch sensitivity of the iphone started to anoy me really fast.
Text input on a iphone is better than T9, but not really good.

We need a bigger screen that's for sure.

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