Survey about the Touchscreen

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Fri Nov 21 17:41:10 CET 2008

I just want to point out that I will not vote because the vote is bullshit.

The type of the screen is not the only thing. Size and resolution 
matters too.

And even more important. Price and availability.

What you want is totally unimportant. The question is which compromises 
are you ready to make?
This is nothing that can be figured out by some stupid two options poll. 
What goes is eventually a question that can only be answered by looking 
at sold units in retrospect.
What you all want is unimportant, because you can not honestly say that 
it will bias your buying decision in a way you would admit now.

I would like openmoko to do bold steps.
But they should also be careful.

Tilman Baumann wrote:
> Vikas Saurabh wrote:
>> I think we need to decide upon this without the bias of
>> might get excited with iPhone's UI.
>> What we would have to remember:
>> * capacitive screen would always require a touch of finger (hence all
>> the UI elements need to take enough space on screen) so the whole fun
>> of high reso is gone....
>> * otoh, pressure based screen need a little more pressure to react but
>> is often manageable with fingers as well
> Agree.
> Either a really big capacitive screen with no boarders or a small hi res 
> screen as currently (I like it) with either a stylus or a keypad.
> I would vote for the same screen as currently used or at least the same 
> quality but bigger and a keypad. Finger use for the current screen is 
> pretty much a failure. (not impossible but as far as text input goes 
> pretty much failed)

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