Survey about the Touchscreen

Ken Young rtm at
Fri Nov 21 20:23:43 CET 2008

Denis Galvao wrote:
>>On 21/11/2008, at 13:20, Ken Young wrote:
>>> Really, we don't need a hi res screen on a day by day gadget
>> I could not possibly disagree more strongly.
>So, give me a reason where you will need that.

As long as we have at least a VGA resolution screen, it is
relatively easy for us to port linux desktop applications to
the Openmoko phones.   Once we drop down to HVGA, or (heaven
forbid!) QVGA, there will need to be extensive UI redesign
to get most apps. from the desktop world to run on an OM phone,
especially when a soft keyboard is needed.   So reducing the
resolution will greatly reduce the code base we can leverage.
In addition, I don't think you can ever had too many pixels on
a machine you intend to run a web browser on.   Right now,
when I show someone my Freerunner, the only thing that impresses
them is the display.   It would be a shame if OM dropped the
one part of its hardware that is actually superior to what
is found on other smartphones.

Ken Young

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