Survey about the Touchscreen

Leonti Bielski prishelec at
Sat Nov 22 01:26:14 CET 2008

Why do we need capacitive display?
We still are not going to solve hanging up during the call - because
capacitive screen does it too - the only way to avoid that is by doing
it in software.
Someone said - it will be a good motivation to make programs more
finger-friendly. What I like about Freerunner is that I can find some
program, compile it and use it straight on Freerunner. With the
capacitive screen we can forget about most gtk, fltk apps, just
because they need stylus to be used. Do we really want to have a
system that is based on linux, but looks like every other phone
Now imagine we have calc sheet application on the phone. Whis the
resolution of FR we can see really a lot, and what is important we can
manipulate cells in it. Can you do it with your finger? (with the
capacitive touchscreen you can't even use your fingernail).
What I mean is that  the ability to use other objects to manipulate
the screen is an advantage, not a disadvantage.


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