[FSO] First steps

julien cubizolles j.cubizolles at free.fr
Sat Nov 22 10:25:27 CET 2008

Le mercredi 19 novembre 2008 à 15:57 -0500, Joel Newkirk a écrit :

Thanks a lot for your detailed reply.

> > Calendar : openmoko-calendar2 isn't available in repositories. What can
> > I use ? I
> I don't have anything for you on these.

It can wait. Just out of curiosity, is there some work being done on
this front ?

> > GPS : 

> You can just fire up Tango and frameworkd will activate the GPS for it. 
> The other two tabs in zhone (from memory - I'm running SHR right now) are:
> an itemized list of satellites it's seeing, and a polar graph on which it
> plots satellites.  (so at the start they're blank and a dartboard,
> respectively)

I took the time to test it and I could indeed get a fix from tangoGPS.
Didn't get back to the Zhone gps display to check it. I will soon.

> > Power Management settings: 
> I think frameworkd handles power management, not illume.

I finally figured it out.

> > Several applications from the Home menu (terminal, Htop for instance)
> > won't start.
> You can try changing /usr/share/applications/htop.desktop to exec
> "openmoko-terminal2 htop", or install xterm and exec "xterm -e htop". (I've
> done the latter)  What else isn't starting?

openmoko-agpsui, Terminal, numptyphysics. I'll check through ssh what is
the reason.


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