[2008.x] 'opkg upgrade' interrupted.

Ivar Mossin ivar.mossin at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 23:46:38 CET 2008

Hey all.

I'm was just installing a stable 2008.9 image. The only changes made is that
a terminal is installed and the /etc/opkg/* is changed to pointing to the
testing repository instead. Then, from the local terminal, I run opkg update
and then opkg upgrade. The upgrade is working for some good 20-30 minutes
downloading and installing new packages until X is shut down. Apparently
opkg wanted to restart X or something?

Then I figure I'll do it over ssh instead, so I log in and run 'opkg
upgrade' again. To my surprise I see that it starts all over again,
downloading and "installing" (?) the same packages over again. Didn't the
previous upgrade just do that? Are the "downloaded" and "installed" files
stored in a temporary directory in the meantime? I checked the used
disk-space and found it to be only 81-82 MB. Didn't check how much was used
before the first run though. Or does the opkg wait with updating its
database of installed packages until the complete upgrade has finished?
Which means I by now actually have the latest and greatest, just opkg
doesn't know it is?

Anyway, the upgrade via ssh failed miserably as well. Of course dropbear had
to be restarted, I lost connection and opkg was interrupted (again). Next
try is screen, which is currently running, downloading and installing the
exact same packages done by the previous two upgrades.

Is there some way to make opkg "continue where interrupted" or some way of
specifying I don't want a certain service restarted (like dropbear) ?

-Ivar Mossin
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