[Debian] apt-get upgrade made the FR die...

Michele Renda michele.renda at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 11:45:45 CET 2008

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It happent to me too, some months ago.

It is possible to solve the problem in different ways,
you can try to boot with a "non debian" image, download the install.sh script, and do only
the stages: mount, kernel (in this way it reinstall only the kernel)

I don't know if it can solve your problem, but can be a good points to start.

Michele Renda

Paul ha scritto:
> I must admit I had just started the upgrade command and went off to do 
> different things...
> What I recall seeing at the end was the mention of a problem making a 
> backup link to uImage.bin after which the upgrade exited with code 1.
> The SSH session was still fine, the GUI on the FR itself had died, 
> however. After pulling the battery, things started up again, but they 
> leave me with a dark screen (after a small flash of seeing X starting).
> Would someone know a nice way to get the FR running again?
> Thanks!
> Paul

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