sms submit report

Michael betheg at
Sun Nov 23 17:40:23 CET 2008


with this command i can send a sms but how can i activate the submit report of
the sms? I do not really understand how to give this 
dictionary a{sv}:properties to the SendMessage. What is the key and 
what is the value?

#mdbus -s org.freesmartphone.odeviced /org/freesmartphone/GSM/Device \
org.freesmartphone.GSM.SMS.SendMessage u\"+xxx\" u\"test\" \{\}

... SendMessage ( ssa{sv} ) → i ...
Additional properties of the message. Valid tuples are: 
(string:type) = type of the SMS, must be one of ("SMS_SUBMIT", "SMS_DELIVER", "SMS_COMMAND", "SMS_SUBMIT_REPORT", "SMS_DELIVER_REPORT"),
(string:alphabet) = Encoding of the short message, must be one of ("binary", "gsm", "usc2"),
Properties for concatenated short messages (CSM): 
(int:csm_id) = Id of the csm (messages belonging to the same csm must have the same id),
(int:csm_num) = Total number of messages in this csm,
(int:csm_seq) = Number defining the order of the messages in the csm.
Properties for port addressing (similar to UDP ports): 
(int:src_port) = Source port this short message comes from,
(int:dst_port) = Destination port this short message should be routed to.

thanks and greets 

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