Changing layout of Qtopia predictive keyboard

Ivar Mossin ivar.mossin at
Sun Nov 23 22:19:51 CET 2008


I am wondering if and how it is possible to change the keyboard layout of
the Qtopia predictive keyboard. I've tried to search around, but only find
info on the Matchbox and Rasters Illume keyboard. I'm running 2008.testing.

1) How can I change the keyboard layout of the Qtopia predictive keyboard?

I assume it is possible, I just didn't find out how yet. The layout can't be
hardcoded in the source code, can it? If it's not possible, the next
question will be

2) How can I use Rasters Illume keyboard without using Illume theme as can
be specified in /etc/enlightenment/default_profile?

If I use the illume theme, enlightenment crashes way too often and because
of it, it's quite unusable.

Thanks for any help.

Kind Regards,
Ivar Mossin
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