[FSO] problem connect Dbus signals with Qt4

macebre macebre at web.de
Sun Nov 23 22:24:18 CET 2008

Hi there,

i'm developing another  small GPS-class which shoud handle the Gypsy signals.
After connecting to bus i can easily connect SIGNALS to my slots like that:

connect(GPSInterface, SIGNAL( PositionChanged(int,int,double,double,double) 
),this, SLOT( handlePositionChanged(int,int,double,double,double) ) );
connect(GPSInterface, SIGNAL( TimeChanged(int) ),this, SLOT( 
handleTimeChanged(int) ) );
connect(GPSInterface, SIGNAL( CourseChanged(int,int,double,double,double) 
),this, SLOT( handleCourseChanged(int,int,double,double,double) ) );

but for "SatellitesChanged" mdbus says:

[SIGNAL]    org.freedesktop.Gypsy.Satellite.SatellitesChanged( 
a(ubuuu):satellites )

i can't figure out which parameter I shoud use in Qt to connect this Signal..

Does somebody know which type I have to use there or where I could find more 
information about this?
Is there a command to find out which Qt type  is send by a signal?

Thanks, mat

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