Is there any kind of network manager?

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Joel Newkirk wrote:
> On Sat, 22 Nov 2008 02:58:48 +0100, "Marco Trevisan (Treviño)"
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>> Alastair Johnson wrote:
>>> Or you could follow 
>>>   Joel Newkirk's simple lightweight configuration described at 
>> About this... Have you tried it?
>> Does it fix the most common network issues?
>> Thanks...
> It's more of an 'anti-network-manager' - it's strictly intended as sane
> defaults that let networking run more smoothly when various interfaces come
> and go.  GPRS configuration/activation/deactivation is outside its scope,
> same for WiFi. It utilizes resolvconf, and supports local DNS caching if
> desired.  It consists of a few alterations and additions to ppp, udhcpc,
> resolvconf, udev and general network config.  Manual network config needs
> to work with resolvconf and observe appropriate route metrics, nothing
> more.  (wifi 20, USB 30, GPRS 40)
> What it's intended to do:
> Prioritize default routes and DNS so that traffic will always use WiFi if
> it's available, USBnet if there's no wifi but we're tethered, and gprs if
> there's no usb.  Doesn't matter if more than one interface is up, they
> don't change each other's DNS or gateway settings or anything.  (It also
> should deal with usb-attached ethernet or wifi, prioritized between onboard
> wifi and usb, but it knows nothing of VPN or Bluetooth - enfolding
> Bluetooth and 3G/other usb-based devices is pretty simple, VPN potentially
> less so)
> Frameworkd already offers gprs up/down support, wifi is on the schedule. 
> Once network status/control is more solid under frameworkd I suspect a
> network manager may be rather straightforward to code.  Edje GUI with a
> fairly thin middle layer talking to dbus.  Until then, I've installed my
> netfix-j2.tar.gz fixes (plus resolvconf when not preinstalled - the tarball
> includes missing files from resolvconf) on 2008.x, FSO, Raster, and SHR,
> set up a desktop icon on each to toggle GPRS, another to toggle wifi
> (ifup/ifdown in a simple script, with my prewritten wpa_supplicant.conf
> that talks to my home WPA, work WPA, jobsites, and open public wifi in that
> priority) and it 'just works'.
> My opinion is that the only network manager-ish features we actually need
> on the FreeRunner are status information, configuration and toggling of
> GPRS and VPNs, and as full-featured wifi detecting/tracking/remembering as
> we can get.  (I want to be able to query a list of previously-seen usable
> wifi within 1/4 mile, for instance)  I tend to think purpose-built instead
> of off-the-shelf for this.
> j

Been thinking about this subject recently as I started messing with GPRS
 connections on FSO. Network management on the FR is one thing, but
adding a connected device is a mental mess, (for me anyhow). If I'm
connected, via a USB cable, to an eeePC then sometimes I want the eeePC
to be my router and forward from the FR to the world via its Network
connection and sometimes I want to use the FR as a Router and forward
traffic from the eeePC. Have to reconfigure both devices when you switch
between the two modes of opperation. Not sure how you'd automate this
without creating a security issue.

I shall for the time being minimise my messing ;-)
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