us network and Uuntu 8.10 - is there a better way?

Joerg Lippmann jl_lists at
Mon Nov 24 21:07:19 CET 2008

Am Montag 24 November 2008 schrieb Torfinn Ingolfsen:
> Hello,
> I recently upgraded my laptop to Xubuntu 8.10, and now I run into the
> issues described in USB Networking[1] on the wiki:
> - editing /etc/network/interfaces doesn't work
> - Network Manager setup (with /etc/udev/rules.d/80-freerunner.rules
> and /usr/local/sbin/ doesn't work.
> Manual setup still works, but it is cumbersome.
> Is there a better way?

Hmm, I have also Intrepid and I use the following lines at the end of my 
/etc/network/interfaces: (instructions from the very wiki)

iface usb0 inet static
up iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -j MASQUERADE -s &
up echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward &
up iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT &
down iptables -D POSTROUTING -t nat -j MASQUERADE -s &

After plugging in the NEO, just 

	sudo ifup usb0

does the job quite fine. You may have to change /etc/resolv.conf on the NEO 

When you re-insert the NEO, just issue

	sudo ifdown usb0 && ifup usb0

Hope it helps
Jörg at home

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