[om2008.9] Did gsm multiplexing, got some problems, have some questions.

walkie walkie at mail.ru
Wed Nov 26 08:13:07 CET 2008

For two days I'am doing gsm multiplexing setup and have some disadvantages
after it. Note - my testing is done from fresh om2008.9 20081117 and
illume-config (because i need local keyboard layout).

First try.
With instructions from
http://freeyourphone.de/portal_v1/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=295 and advice from
wiki to use angtrom repositary installed all mentioned packages and their
dependincies from angstorm ang configure them like said in instruction.
Got - not starting X after reboot, working usb-networking, some programs did
not run (like mc).

Second try.
Same instructions, but om/testing repositary, not om/2008.8 because in wiki
said what om's muxd did not work. Illume was insalled as last step before
Got - working calls and gprs, not working Settings app (exposure.py, when
runned, just finish without a message), idle to suspend time was set to
default 30 sec (and cannot change that because of not running Settings),
ring sound - ok.

Third try.
Same instructions, single packages from same repositary, but only muxd with
dependencies and ppp run/stop script with ppp config to run it without gui.
Illume installed as first step - to ensure set idle to suspend time off
before reboot.
Got not working calls and gprs, again (even minimal update) not working
Settings app, no sound when ringing nor loudspeaker nor headphones, but
aplay /opt/.../phonering.wav plays sound ok.

1) Ithink mixing packages from stable and testing reps is not a good idea,
but wiki said om's reps muxd don't work - can somebody confirm that with
om2008.8 rep? or say it he has it working with no disadvantages?
2) I backuped second try, and only thing what is bad there is 30 sec
timeout. I posted here a question about manually set it from console - no
answers yet. The other idea to move configs from timeout off setup. If i
move ~/.e/ from system with no timeout to setup with 30 sec. timeout - will
I get timeout off? If no, where timeout time is stored? If yes, what part of
~/.e/ tree stores timeout config file?
3) And the last, if ring sound can be repaired in third try what to do? May
be update more packages from testng? Same, if Settings app can be repaired?
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