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> Hi,
> On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 10:03 PM, Bernd Prünster
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> > Alexander Chemeris schrieb:
> >> Is there any possibility to rotate screen for a selected application?
> >> Now I use "xrandr -o 1 && app && xrandr -o 0" to run application
> >> in landscape mode, but this rotates screen for the whole system.
> >> I rather want to rotate single application window.
> >>
> > sure it is, just make shellscript which does the rotation, then launches
> > the application an then rotates tzhe screen back. you can also change
> > the keycode for the aux button just for one application in the same way!
> > (just look at the scummvm wiki page if you want to have a good example!)
> That's exactly what I'm doing - "xrandr -o 1 && app && xrandr -o 0"
> But this change screen orientation for the whole X. If you tap on the
> top, choose "Home", you'll see it also rotated. What I'm asking for
> is an ability to rotate a single aplpication, leaving illume and other
> apps in portrait orientation.
> Btw, thanks for pointing to ScummVM, I should try this. :)

you will need to make the app itself handle its own rotated drawing. it's up to
the app.

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