[Android] OnScreen Keyboard

Rui Castro rui.castro at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 04:37:14 CET 2008


I implemented an OnScreen Keyboard in the Android framework.
It works with "all" applications and it's possible to answer calls :)
I already uploaded the changes to Android repository, here (
http://review.source.android.com/4801) and here (
http://review.source.android.com/3087). I've tried to upload all the changes
at the same time, but something went wrong :) I don't expect the changes to
be merged in the android official code because they are developing their own
IMF and also because my implementation is very simplistic, it's just to be
able to use Android until the IMF is ready.
I've attached some screenshots of the keyboard in several applications
running on the emulator.

Now, I just need someone (Sean/Brian) to create an image for Neo :) Please
hurry!!! :D

PS: I removed the attached photos, because the last message is stuck because
of the message size :) You can view them here

Rui Castro
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