OpenMooCow 0.2

Thomas White taw27 at
Thu Nov 27 21:02:45 CET 2008

While waiting for the Christmas puddings to cook this afternoon, I've
been making a few updates to OpenMooCow.  You can get version 0.2 from
the same place as before:

Changes since version 0.1 are:

- Moos when tilted either up or down (not just after tilting both ways
like before). This seems to be what people expect, even though it's not
quite what I remember genuine mooboxes doing.

- The packaging has been fixed to depend on the things it needs.

- You can now press the cow to make her moo.

- Mooing still occurs even if the graphics can't be shown.  Run the
following on a terminal and your Freerunner will be mooing until the
next reboot: $ nohup openmoocow &

And some improvements "under the hood":

- It should behave a little better if the accelerometers are "sticky".

- Code simplified and altered to make it easier to add support for
other types of accelerometer.

OpenMooCow won't alter your accelerometer parameters in any way,
so you might have a configuration which it doesn't like.  In particular,
the threshold setting can cause problems.  If this happens to you, try
this: # echo "0" > /sys/devices/platform/lis302dl.2/threshold

Comments or abuse to this address as ever,


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