OpenMooCow 0.2

Thomas White taw27 at
Thu Nov 27 23:09:05 CET 2008

Joachim Breitner <nomeata at> wrote:

> Nice! I hacked up some hdaps (read: Thinkpads) support, tested on a
> T41p

Great stuff.  Enrico told me that there was interest in making it work
on Thinkpads, but I didn't expect it to happen within 90 minutes of
releasing a new version.  Feel the power of open-source...

> It now moos when tilting your laptop 90° away from to or towards you
> (and again when you tilt it upright, due to the latest change).

Hmmm...mooing when tilted either way makes more sense for something
like a phone than for a laptop.  If you decide this doesn't feel
right, feel free to revert this when using the Thinkpad "driver" (not
that you need any permission for that, of course).  When you're happy
with the Thinkpad support, could you send me a patch to for the next
version?  (If a new version is ever necessary...).


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