[om2008.9] Did gsm multiplexing, got some problems, have some questions.

walkie walkie at mail.ru
Fri Nov 28 08:04:42 CET 2008

Got the solution.

First i did wrong move - i update om-settings and python-dbus packages from
testing. When I did the right thing - install dbus-x11 - it has the
dbus-launch programm, settings began to run but because of earlier wrong
updates there was "unknown" value of Profile and Suspend fields.

exposure -f run showed what there, i think, should be some more dbus
specification files (don't remember exact extension) Illume and Qtopia.
Trying to get them showed what brobably many packages should be updated. I
changed repository to testing and did opkg update && opkg upgrade. The
result was not booting to GUI. I even update uImage.bin - took it from /boot
- no result.

When I restored te backup of second try. Did install of dbus-x11, settings
began to run ok, but there was "unknown" values again. exposure -f run
showed no problems. May be i was not patient to enough time. There was hard
to be patient because of 30 sec timeout. When I did another possibly wrong
move - I did rm -rf ~/.e/e/config/illume, cp ~/.e/e/config/asu/*

After restart i got no timeout and after short waiting in Settings "unknown"
values was changed to actual values. But there was another surprise - no
screen keyboard at all. And rm -rf ~/.e/e/config/illume did not help, but it
change values in Settings to default. And I was able to change them.

Long or short i got back virtual keyboard. The
(rm and X restart) should be done twice - first after opkg install
illume-theme-default --force-reinstall and second after opkg install
illume-config --force-reinstall

Thats all.
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