[OT]Software patents end? ??:) light at the end of tunnel

Nicolas Pichon nicolas.pichon at luceor.com
Fri Nov 28 12:13:08 CET 2008

Dale Maggee a écrit :
>> I understand and agree that from a quality pov MP3 @ 320kpbs is
>> sufficient for most, and the amount of space required for your library
>> matters, but I was under the impression that FLAC is also a compressed
>> format. However I must admit I'm not sure how it compares to MP3 @
>> 320kpbs

I compress my music library with FLAC, and noticed that a FLAC file
takes approximately half the size of the original WAV file, which means
approx 300 Mbytes (most of my albums between 200 and 400).

By the way, my hard disk is full, and I'm thinking of burning my FLACs
on DVDs, and keep high-quality OGG on my hard drive.

My 2 cents.

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