[FSO ms4] Operator SMS Message problem

Arigead captain.deadly at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 20:00:49 CET 2008

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Hello all,
    this problem arises from another thread that I started "[FSO ms4]
GPRS problem on one network" where I'm having problems establishing a
GPRS connection to one of the Irish Operators.

This problem is not related but found it along the way. I thought at one
point that I might be out of credit so was trying to check that I had
money in the account to rule that out of the GPRS issue. To try and
check my credit I tried to register my phone with the o2.ie web site.

Registering the account is a simple process of putting your gsm phone
number into a web page, O2 then send an SMS message to that number with
a code which you then enter on the web page and that's pretty much it.
You then just enter you details.

I was typing in my O2 phone number but was not receiving any SMS
message. I then pulled the O2 Sim out of the FR and popped it into the
old Nokia, filled in the web page again with my phone number and almost
instantly the Nokia received a SMS message from the operator. The source
number of the SMS message is "0000000000" Ten zeros if my typing is

My queston is "is this something that would be worth looking into?" I
obviously can't re-register the SIM again but if it is worth looking
into I could get another SIM and try again and this time have a look at
logread. What can I say I wasn't thinking straight the first time. I
never suspected that the phone could be at fault. Must read the jokes
page again ;-)

Let me know if it's of any interest to solve or if it's already a known
issue. Don't remember this problem being reported but there's been so
many ;-) I'd be happy to help in testing in so far as I can.
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