[Debian] TSLIB_TSDEVICE no longer getting set

Christopher J. White chris at grierwhite.com
Sat Nov 29 17:18:37 CET 2008

I've been trying to get gestikk [1] working, a mouse-gestures program
that turns mouse gestures into keystrokes at the window manager level.
This seems ideal for finger gestures to do things like scrolling,
paging, etc in a generic fashion.

After working through package dependencies, and building a needed python
module, I got it fulling installed and actually managed to get it to run
and put it's icon in the tray.  Unfortunately, it requires
right-click...i don't have the right-click tslib patch installed (yet),
so I reran the program in a mode that allows configuration.  

As soon as I did that, I seemed to lose pointer input.  /etc/init.d/nodm
restart, reboot, all have no effect.

I have traced it down to TSLIB_TSDEVICE no longer getting set.  If I
manually export this set properly, and do startx, it works, I get my
pointer back.

I am running X as a normal user, but the same happens when reverting
back to root as well.

So, what happened?  I can't figure out how /etc/init.d/nodm is supposed
to setup environment variables that tslib needs. 


[safire] Christopher J. White

[1] http://gestikk.reichbier.de/en/

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