German dictionary for Raster's keyboard with frequencies?

Marcel tanuva at
Sun Nov 30 16:34:11 CET 2008


I just found out that the wordlist needs to have a .dic file extension to get 
recognized by Raster's keyboard - now it dicts quite well, except that some 
often used (internet) slang words are missing...
Has anyone got a german word list with word frequencies yet? The one I got 
(debian package "wngerman", /usr/share/dicts/ngerman) only has the words, but 
no frequencies which makes finding the right word difficult sometimes, 
especially I can't get the wordlist on the keyboard to scroll (is this even 
implemented?) without selecting a word accidentally.

Another suggestion to Raster: I think it would be useful to have the whole 
word getting deleted on "backspace" while one has a language dictionary 
activated (in contrast to a terminal/programming one) because mostly the 
whole word gets wrong instead of just some single characters.


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