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Sun Nov 30 22:18:36 CET 2008

Andy Green <andy at openmoko.com> writes:
> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Hi,
> |
> | Andy Green <andy at openmoko.com> writes:
> |>  For example some advice for Jeremy about "suspend / resume issues"
> |> would be don't waste your time doing any suspend / resume work on
> |> 2.6.24 kernel, only on andy-tracking.
> |
> | I'm very sorry to jump in this thread. But this advice of yours is
> | so much surprising! It implicitly suggests that Jeremy might be unaware of
> | the fact that every sane person knows for like 2 months. Do i
> "Every sane person" :-)  No a lot of people are still using 2.6.24, all
> the distros are shipping it, it is in a branch called "stable", it's not
> nuts if somebody tries to work on it.

A lot of people are using, sure. But all the real work is done on
*-tracking, it was obvious long ago from the commits, from the
discussions, from the letter you posted earlier with the clear
explanation about every branch's purpose.

> If he already knows it then fine, but people have been targeting
> stable in the last weeks for stuff that needs to be done on 2.6.28.

That is strange. If they read the kernel list, then they already know
what's going known and where you're heading. If they don't, how can
they do kernel development then? Out of the context, in isolation?
Just like samsung with their huge outdated patchsets, that can never
be accepted upstream and therefore can be considered being dead before
they born?

> | understand it right? How can it be possible at all? Everybody's so
> | excited about this "Optimization team" and you say they might
> | waste some time just because they don't lurk on -kernel mailing list?
> |
> | No offence meant, but that is sooo strange...
> I fear I've missed your point... John Lee wrote that two folks in Taiwan
> are going to be working specifically on kernel stuff...
> ''Olv moved to look into kernel and fso. ... Jeremy will fix some qtopia
> bugs and keep working on suspend/resume issues.''
> I write to suggest they might get advantage if they coordinate kernel
> work on the kernel list -- at least we might not duplicate work on the
> same thing and there is a pretty fair amount of knowledge about Openmoko
> suspend / resume stuff on that list.
> What's "sooo" strange about that?

Oh, you seem to be repeating the same thing you said earlier just to
explain to me what's going on. I'm sorry for wasting your time. I
think i understand you. The problem is that i'm not a native speaker
and i tend to construct too complex sentences even in my native

What i'm trying to explain is that i see it as plain obvious that
anybody who wants to work on a kernel stuff should coordinate their
efforts on the kernel list. That anybody targeting fixing bugs in
suspend/resume knows about 2.6.24 deficiences long time ago. What you
said to Jeremy sounded to me like: "Hey, don't cross the street on red
light, you might get hit by a car and die, you know". I was surprised
that you treat a kernel developer from the optimization team like a
child. If he is not experienced in kernel development why then didn't
he ask you what kind of help was needed and decided to choose a task

And why the optimization team is still trying to fix bugs in Qtopia
and derivitaves? Let Nokia do their work, if they really want
to. Wouldn't it be better for the optimization team to hack on FSO or
at least (as they are in Taiwan, that should be easy for them) get
those bloody 100uF capacitors in place to finally provide the users with a
decent bass?

I don't want to sound too harsh to the optimization team. I just don't
see them being public enough, coordinating their efforts with the main
developers (of FSO and kernel) enough, going forward enough. I'm just
afraid that they are somewhat like that mythical "interface design
department" that never publicly communicates and demands technical
nonsense from the real developers. (btw, i still remember the idea of
taking a screenshot before suspending, oh boy, that was a bad sign
from the optimization team)

No personal offense meant.
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