Debian size and uSD

Sarton O'Brien roguemoko at
Wed Oct 1 01:22:16 CEST 2008

On Wednesday 01 October 2008 08:26:05 Atilla Filiz wrote:
> After I installed Debian on my stock uSD, i realized that Debian is _BIG_.
> There are tons of libraries installed. I think a lighter Debian is
> possible, any ideas?
> Another thing is I bought a 2G uSD and I want to move my debian system to
> that card. If I manually partition it (8MB fat and rest ext2) and just copy
> contents of 512M, would it work? Or maybe i can copy an image using dd and
> then somehow resize the partition. Anyone tried migrating from one SD to
> another?

You could use copy but tar tends to be a better alternative. Just tar up your 
rootfs and then extract to your new card. Under most *nix variants you need to 
extract using the 'p' parameter to preserve file permissions. Also make sure 
you are not mounted with the option 'nodev'.

With a new u-boot it's also possible to consolidate the kernel and rootfs into 
one partition to ease kernel upgrades.


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